X-mas 2016


Time goes so fast and it’s less than a week to Christmas. Personally I feel that I do not manage to do everything I need to do. Christmas comes if you want to or not.

In this post I will come with a appeal to all of you who read this. We all know that Christmas is a family affair where we all have many fine days with their near and dear ones but, personally, I think Christmas is primarily for kids they are those that are central to rejoice,  gifts and goblins.

Christmas really have  a completely different background but, it’s not many in the world today who have the faith anymore. Most of the older generation has some faith. For many, Christmas season went from faith to tradition many years ago, and we all have different traditions when it comes to Christmas.

My call to you all who have children around you during Christmas and New year is “hold you alcohol intake at a low level.” It is not always good for the little ones to see mom, dad, aunts, uncles and grandparents in such conditions (you know what I mean) and it does not give kids a healthy role models ahead in life.

For all of you who feel you lonely during Christmas season, my site monicamilf.com is always open to anyone who wants a little comfort in  my movies.  I will also be live for member on the first Christmas day (25th).

It was a little more seriously pass from me but felt I had to send out this appeal to you all.

With this post so I wish everyone out there a Merry x-mas


/ Monica


New movie uppdate

Two new movie´s are now posted on my member site www.monicamilf.com

One is a main stream movie with Sweden’s male porn star Samson and me.
This is a film where I am a nurse and he has big dysfunction whit his dick and he need´s my help.

The second movie is a SM movie where I really get to spank my lovely slave, while he hangs upside down in the roof,
here you will find a movie with a lot of lovely SM pain etc,

So join us and get all the Norwegian Porn with me, I am the only one that make porn in Norway.


Horny nurse Monica!


Pain and pleasure with Monicamilf!

A shot documentary about me.

I did have November film here for 2 days to recording a short documentary of me and my life with porn as a job,

I lost probably rather call this “home whit” or a very short documentary for two days is a little short time to reveal a whole documentary about me.
A car parked  outside my door on Tuesday and out comes a little sexy lady  in her  30´s by the name of Janne, the photographer Tobias and the assistant Tonje

Tonje  is the one I have had contact and meetings with before recording day, so Janne and Tobias I had never seen or talked to earlier.

Janne was like most people out there in Norway`s  small country, full of prejudices of how it was to work with porn and being a mother at the same time.

Janne was honesty and said it to me when we sitting down to talk about my life and work.

I can not write so much about what they have filmed or what we’ve talked about, you all must wait until it comes on TV 5 in January.
But I can say that Janne had a completely different idea when she traveled back to Oslo after 2 days with me and my familje.

Janne had changed her mind when we came to day number two, then tested her my porn boots if I can call it that.

She came with comments like “I had jurk of hell of a lot” to afford to buy myself a more expensive camera.

I even got to hang Janne up in my roof crane. Janne was the most nervous person I’ve ever hung up, but it went well and she survived.
They also had an interview with my daughter Connie and I really must say that I am the proudest mother’s,
for my doll had answers to every subject without any hesitation at all.

Novemberfilm and my little familje were like one big happy bunch, we made food together, and had lot fun .

The best thing about the whole experience was that I really managed to turn Janne around  about me and my job.

I can not go into details of what was shoot and what comes out on TV, you must all wait and see in January.


Here you have some pictures from the recording.



New uppdate on my site

Then the member page is now updated with new photos set to all members of www.monicamilf.com.

This is a picture set where I had the delicious and dirt time with my Swedish porn star Samson.

If you are not a member jet, it’s time to be one now so you get to see all I make for you dirty guys.


Norway around Eidfjord 2016

Then it uploaded photos from my trip Norway Around to Eidfjord
Lots of lovely pictures of me naked on the Norwegian tourist sites.

In this series you will find many nice mountain pictures where I’m naked
I’m delicious and naked in Norwegian Nature by a very great Norwegian waterfall in Eidfjord.

This is just a sample of the piece if you want to see the entire series and all the movies from my Norway round trip they are on my site

so be a member and log in to my site www.monicamilf.com


Kisses Monica


Norway Around 2016 Vøringsfossen

Pictures of my trip to Vøringsfossen is  up on the member page.
I was of course a little trip to Vøringsfossen when I drove around in Norway.
Finding time room without tourists was not the easiest to  do.
But I giv a fuck sometimes so if you look through the images you can see  tourists in the background.
you  only  get a few photos here the rest you can see if you log into the Member’s page on my site www.monicamilf.com

Kisses Monica

BTS Norway Around 2016

Here you have some BTS Photos of My Norway Around 2016 trip.

The full pictures set are at my member’s page www.monicamilf.com
if you are not a member yet then you sign up so you get all of me.

All content is dirty Norwegian porn  I has many movies with Norwegian speech , I am the only active porn producer in Norway so if you like dirty Norwegian Porn sign up on my site.
I also make video at the request of my members, if  you have a special wish you hunters want me to make a video or photo  set of it is just  to send me a mail  if you are a member.

Hope you all like the sample you now get from my Norway round trip in 2016, I travel to every summer in Norway so maybe next summer I coming to your home town

Kisses Monica

Round trip Norway Hardangervidda 2016

Then I started my annual Round Norway trip.
I have made video and pictures on famous tourist places.  I traveled in the nick of time as compared to tourists around in Norway.

Places I visited this time was Hardangervidda, Vøringsfossen, EidFjord, Kinsarvik  Also had a little trip around in Hallingdal as of  Fagernes, Flya, Jotunheimen.
Must say it was a great wonderful trip to take and I had  great fun Love making porn for all my members around in Norway.

In Kinsarvik where you have the 4 waterfalls I met a big fan Love to chat and meat up with my fans around Norway, he gave me some tips on how I could film wher it was no tourist.
Let’s hope he becomes a member on my site so he can seen what I made in his home city.
Here you have a small teasing from when I was on the Hardangervidda

Kisses Monica

Summer 2016

Then finally summer arrived and I have worked a bit in nature making photos and films for all my wonderful members of www.monicamilf.com.
There will also be some images and movies from my Norway Round trip, this year we went to Hardanger.
I have made video and captured images on famous tourist spots around the Hardanger.
Here you will get a small taste from some summer pictures I have taken.
The whole series is to see on my side www.monicamilf.com

Kisses Monica

Photo update

weekly updated on members site with dirty new hardcore images on my site

www. monicamilf.com
The Photo series this time is of Samson and me where we made dirty anal and suck pictures to all my lovely members.
Hope you like what you see
some sample pictures here for all of you who are not members

Kisses Monica