And these bullies may be able to rule this country one day! Help

AUF  proposes a ban on “violent and cross-border” porn! Furthermore, they also want branding for “ethical porn” and age limit for porn watching.

Age limit I fully agree with, but on further consideration, I definitely believe that there is actually age limit for such things! It and actually implementing an age barrier that will work is virtually impossible in today’s technological community. These days are hot and hot spots on social media for hours every day! And if you’re not a totally downset policy, you’ll understand that 25% of today’s porn watching is taking place on these social media. Snapchat is filled with porn pictures and video clips and users only have “nickname” and vary in age from 13 to 85 years! Facebook is Norway’s largest escort service. I get daily 30-50 private messages with various bright suggestions for services. 10-15 messages are bullies that send me links or porn cuts tottalt unsolicited.

All the tube sides, as most people do not have any idea of ​​how big they are in actual traffic on the internet, are completely unscrupulous. They only run with advertising revenue and were smart enough to understand that most people will see porn! This is a billion empire driven by Finns bakers. And if Bob Kåre’s first meeting with porn is 2 Transer from Transilvania does not matter only they get the advertisement served! So good luck with grabbing this piece, which I actually want them to be solved! But when the “superpower” is to ban “violent and cross-border porn” it’s totally dark!

They must clearly have missed the gray lights, and the revolution for stuerin housewife porn that came with 50 shades of gray! A whole world got up the eyes of something called BDSM and both the sale of links, whips and various other bdsm products shot in the weather! Interest for a bit rough and more cross-border porn has always been bigger!

Porn is an illusion and visual imagination, and prohibits these policies. The spirits propose is to say that hot and spotlight can not distinguish between imagination and reality! But then they have a bigger problem!

Gaming! The gaming industry is even bigger than a porn industry, and 80% are out of violence, shooting, bombs, etc. And here’s the age limit control flown out of the window long ago.

Branding for “ethical porn”! First and foremost, what is ethical porn? Is there working porn where the plumber kills a housewife on the washing machine he is going to fix?

Are these downroll politicians the spirits to decide what is ethical porn?

No, unfortunately, The only porn industry left in Norway is me, and I say free choice on top shelf. And end with yes please, both!

Sexhibition 2017

Then the year’s sexhibition has once again been held. May say thanks to Nils Ally who does it every year and gave me a nice place at the fair this year.

The mess lasted for 3 days this year and should I be honest it was just fine with days.

This year I had many articles with the logo Monicamilf on, these are articles you can still buy via my shop, I had t-shirts, a copy of my pussy and anal in pocket form, lots of new pictures and records, 2018 calendar and all my DVDs.

Cecilie gave me lots of good advertising from the late and he also managed this year to trick me up and give me that hell I hate talking to, think this is something I have to start training for next year’s fair, hahaha.

I also managed to give a challenge to the audience, the first one to call us to say a month of membership on my side, who took that challenge was when Cecilie’s brother Rino, Rino came to my day after also asked me, “If I take in the other puppy, what do I get?” He must have been hooked on pain hahahah “I gave him an extra MND with membership.

Summarizing the show, I’m in need of this year’s fair, to be very happy not to freak me near the Hågen and his whip.

There will be both pictures and video from the show on the members page after host.



Norway around with me Monica Milf

Those who have followed me over years know that I travel around Norway and make porn in well-known tourist places. This year I have been a lot in western Norway, Telemark and Gudbrandsdalen.

As a member of my member you will see pictures and videos I have made this summer, and some BTS movies will be posted.

I have to say I have seen a lot of beautiful around in Norway this summer and made a lot of delicious dirty porn in most places.

You can also buy my Norway around movies at my shop

For those who are not members and want to see my Norway around movies, just go to and join.



Happy New Year 2017

Then we  come to January 2017.Well Wish You All A Happy New Year.

It’s a little scary how fast the fly and the ears go. Must say 20 17 started very well with a camshow title for best show in December where I won 2000kr.

Furthermore, the trip went on and launched a whole new TV series for November film and their new woman based series Insider Five, where I and my family are in the first episode that went on TV Five on Thursday, January 19th. On January 19th we were then inverted on launch fert at Moon Fish with November film. for me to go on something like this is a bit out of my comfort zone but we’re all going outside it if you can experience new things here in the world. Walking without his comfort zone makes you a strong person.

For those who have not seen the program, it is possible to see it on my member pages as a member.

Janne from novemberfil had been nice and rented an apartment for my family and me from Thursday to Friday. So Friday Janne troops up with his TV team in this apartment for playing in yet another new TV idea. She wants to make a new pilot with my family and me. I do not want to go into detail about what this pilot is doing when everything is in the start-up phase and this game is also being sold to the TV channels. So when everything is ready and it is sold, I will come back to you with more info on this.

So, so far, January has been an exciting and fun month with lots of new things.

I send a big thank you to November, Janne and Tonje, for they would bet on my family and me and listen to our story of our life as a family and a very special job in the porn world. Jane and Tonje are two lovely girls both have a huge personality, there are two girls i have been very happy with.

Due to Novemberfilm’s insight about us in Insider five, of course all media channels have gotten to the dance, so Dagbladet and Nettavisen / page 3 wrote a big deal about this. As long as a newspaper writes the more so in all, it was written about me and my family in Dagbladet Nettavisen, BT (Danish newspaper) Expressen (Swedish newspaper) Romerike magazine and Glåmdalen. It’s a little humorous to see how different they put up their cases. Dagbladet angled that I was Fembarn’s mother and had porn studio in the house, and by herself all feminists went crazy in commenting the fields of where are the child welfare, excuse me yes i have porno work but you think i put the kids on a chair and let them look at me while I work. Now, all my five children are growing and during their childhood, I had my own premises for my job, so my children were never exposed to my job in any way. Even though I have a special job that is erotic, I do not want to say that I am an irresponsible mother without thinking about what is good for my children or not.

I will shortly post a more profound post on this ability because I think there is a section out there that needs some facts about this ability.

X-mas 2016


Time goes so fast and it’s less than a week to Christmas. Personally I feel that I do not manage to do everything I need to do. Christmas comes if you want to or not.

In this post I will come with a appeal to all of you who read this. We all know that Christmas is a family affair where we all have many fine days with their near and dear ones but, personally, I think Christmas is primarily for kids they are those that are central to rejoice,  gifts and goblins.

Christmas really have  a completely different background but, it’s not many in the world today who have the faith anymore. Most of the older generation has some faith. For many, Christmas season went from faith to tradition many years ago, and we all have different traditions when it comes to Christmas.

My call to you all who have children around you during Christmas and New year is “hold you alcohol intake at a low level.” It is not always good for the little ones to see mom, dad, aunts, uncles and grandparents in such conditions (you know what I mean) and it does not give kids a healthy role models ahead in life.

For all of you who feel you lonely during Christmas season, my site is always open to anyone who wants a little comfort in  my movies.  I will also be live for member on the first Christmas day (25th).

It was a little more seriously pass from me but felt I had to send out this appeal to you all.

With this post so I wish everyone out there a Merry x-mas


/ Monica


New movie uppdate

Two new movie´s are now posted on my member site

One is a main stream movie with Sweden’s male porn star Samson and me.
This is a film where I am a nurse and he has big dysfunction whit his dick and he need´s my help.

The second movie is a SM movie where I really get to spank my lovely slave, while he hangs upside down in the roof,
here you will find a movie with a lot of lovely SM pain etc,

So join us and get all the Norwegian Porn with me, I am the only one that make porn in Norway.


Horny nurse Monica!


Pain and pleasure with Monicamilf!

A shot documentary about me.

I did have November film here for 2 days to recording a short documentary of me and my life with porn as a job,

I lost probably rather call this “home whit” or a very short documentary for two days is a little short time to reveal a whole documentary about me.
A car parked  outside my door on Tuesday and out comes a little sexy lady  in her  30´s by the name of Janne, the photographer Tobias and the assistant Tonje

Tonje  is the one I have had contact and meetings with before recording day, so Janne and Tobias I had never seen or talked to earlier.

Janne was like most people out there in Norway`s  small country, full of prejudices of how it was to work with porn and being a mother at the same time.

Janne was honesty and said it to me when we sitting down to talk about my life and work.

I can not write so much about what they have filmed or what we’ve talked about, you all must wait until it comes on TV 5 in January.
But I can say that Janne had a completely different idea when she traveled back to Oslo after 2 days with me and my familje.

Janne had changed her mind when we came to day number two, then tested her my porn boots if I can call it that.

She came with comments like “I had jurk of hell of a lot” to afford to buy myself a more expensive camera.

I even got to hang Janne up in my roof crane. Janne was the most nervous person I’ve ever hung up, but it went well and she survived.
They also had an interview with my daughter Connie and I really must say that I am the proudest mother’s,
for my doll had answers to every subject without any hesitation at all.

Novemberfilm and my little familje were like one big happy bunch, we made food together, and had lot fun .

The best thing about the whole experience was that I really managed to turn Janne around  about me and my job.

I can not go into details of what was shoot and what comes out on TV, you must all wait and see in January.


Here you have some pictures from the recording.



New uppdate on my site

Then the member page is now updated with new photos set to all members of

This is a picture set where I had the delicious and dirt time with my Swedish porn star Samson.

If you are not a member jet, it’s time to be one now so you get to see all I make for you dirty guys.


Norway around Eidfjord 2016

Then it uploaded photos from my trip Norway Around to Eidfjord
Lots of lovely pictures of me naked on the Norwegian tourist sites.

In this series you will find many nice mountain pictures where I’m naked
I’m delicious and naked in Norwegian Nature by a very great Norwegian waterfall in Eidfjord.

This is just a sample of the piece if you want to see the entire series and all the movies from my Norway round trip they are on my site

so be a member and log in to my site


Kisses Monica


Norway Around 2016 Vøringsfossen

Pictures of my trip to Vøringsfossen is  up on the member page.
I was of course a little trip to Vøringsfossen when I drove around in Norway.
Finding time room without tourists was not the easiest to  do.
But I giv a fuck sometimes so if you look through the images you can see  tourists in the background.
you  only  get a few photos here the rest you can see if you log into the Member’s page on my site

Kisses Monica