“Porn in Norway”.

One August day just before Sexhibition I got a phone call from Nettavisen (Norwegian news). A reporter named Adrian would like to interview me for an article about me and “Porn in Norway”.

And I went along , even if I had a quet laugh cause “Porn in Norway” is just me and have been for a couple of years now. I am the only one in all of Norway that actually make my living from making porn..

It was Thursday and the second day of Sexhibition and I went to meet Adrian and his photographer in my rented flat in Oslo. He was a nice guy and we got if off well but, it’s not his “everyday” work to be on a set for a porn movie. So I guess I made him feel a little out of place from time to time. Just hoped I did not scare him too much, and ruin the article..

Saturday 24 August the article was released on Nettavisen and I personally think it was a good story. And in the next 3 days it had over 100.000  views, not bad considering that Norway just have a population of 5 million people J

Here is a link to the article :  http://www.side3.no/article3667308.ece

Feel free ! Be naughty….











Foto: Adrian Møller Haugan ( Mediehuset Nettavisen/Side3 )