All of Norway Monica on NRK P3

Her you have a cool interview with Norwegian radio NRK P3 who visited Sexhibition.

Apart from the usual stupid questions you always get from the press, it was a fine touches!

The presenters claimed that I was “The entire Norwegian`s Monica” Did you miss it on the radio, you can hear it here:

Guess there’s more to come later as there were many long interviews with most of the press, like.VGTV

I will keep you updated

Kisses Monica

The only porn star in Norway meets the fans live

Hey guys i got my best friend Sean to translate the Norwegian article that came out about me today.

Monica Christiansen – the only porn star in Norway – preparing for next week’s trade fair. Where she meets fans live on Sexhibition at Rockefeller in Oslo.
I am proud of the work I do and enjoy working in the porn industry. I have done that for almost 20 years, she says to

Sexhibition at Rockefeller celebrates its 20 years anniversary and For Monica it is an important arena for promoting “Monica Milf”, which many Norwegians know very  well.

– There is not much glamour to work as a porn star. Many believe that my job is to just lie down and moan a bit in front of a camera. It is far from the truth. It’s not the way the world works.
Not a life of luxury
She says that it’s very difficult to live from porn today. She works almost around the clock – even the nights.
– My day starts right after breakfast with office work and accounting. In the daytime I have videos and photoshoots to do, evening and nights I do Camshows. There are many balls in the air and I often work with Camshows from at 1pm to 3am , she says.
Some days it’s 4-5 hours of video filming during the day. From there, it is cut into a 20 minutes video.
– This is no luxury job! If I just wanted money I would choose something else, but I choose to do porn because I enjoy it. And the advantage is that I am my own boss.

More logs
In addition, she runs her own website and sexshop.
– To survive you must have more logs in the fire . There is so much free porn out there. Even the biggest porn stars abroad must publish free content to be viewed by the public. I have to work hard to get a normal Norwegian salary, just covering bills and earning a living.
She participated in the publications of magazines Lek and Cocktail when they had their heyday in the 90`s.
– Then we had circulation of 40,000 magazines out in the stores . Today, those same magazines only have 4,000 out in the store`s , people are not willing to pay to see nudity and sex anymore. when they can find everything for free online these days.
Monica has a busy life. She is mother to five kids and has to balance her time like the vast majority, to follow  the kids and their leisure activities, as well as her husband of 24 years who works with her.
– If you want to make porn as a living today you need to make yourself niches in terms of fetishes – things that is not available for free everywhere. The European public is not looking for glamor lgirls, which is different from United States. Here in Scandinavia they rather have person they can relate to, she says.

Love to shock
Participation in things like Sexhibition is important – it’s where she meets fans.
– I’ll get on the stand and talk about my job. Some years I do live hardcore shows on stage too, but do not know yet whether I will be this year. For me it does not matter if I’m live on stage or live on camera. I see no difference in it. It’s part of the job and I enjoy it, because things are not choreographed. I think it’s fun to shock people especially shy fans .

Sometimes she meets fans in the community, but it is very rare someone comes up to her and say that they know her.
– Most Norwegians are  very shy and cowardly. They smile at me, especially the guys, and show in some way that they’ve noticed me. But then keeps their distance, except at Sexhibition. It is a place where everyone can be themselves and everyone is equal. There should be more events like this in Norway and CEO Nils Ally has done a fantastic job in the 20 years he has hosted the fair.

Started as a Joke
Her way into the porn industry started with a joke. A friend had sent in a series of articles in the journal Current Report, which she had themed the neighbor’s daughter.
– My husband commented that he thought she was daring me and I threw out a comment that “if she dares dare I”. He took me up on it , sent pictures in and a short time later they called. Then, I could not back out. The first time was a blast and after that it snowballed. 16 years ago I started my own website.

She had a break from the porn industry, among other things, to train as a nursing assistant.
– I wanted to try something new and do something else. But I always fell back in to porn. Sexwork is exciting and rewarding. Several times I have been sick of it and wanted to quit, but who will hire me today, when most of my resume is me as a porn star?
Sometimes she gets stupid comments that question her intelligence.
– They only see a platinum blond lady with big tits. Jealousy is greater than the sex drive here in Norway!

The porn industry has changed so much in the years she has been in it. 20 years ago it was mostly prohibited.
– It has gone from regular missionary to a period of the most extreme things  you can imagine. The development comes from the other side of the pond, but here in Scandinavia, it seems that we fall back on things that are a little less extreme and ordinary women and men.
Parental responsibility
Today we have access to sex on the net no matter how old you are. The young tend to focus on the extreme sex then they can easily believe that is normal.
Porn is on the internet anyway, but you need to monitor that they do not have access to everything between heaven and earth. Even though I work in the industry I have five children and monitor what they are really doing on the internet. But I am open and talking with my kids. I think a lot of the responsibility lies on the parents. It is the parents  who should explain to their kids about sex and that what they see on the Internet is not the way the world really works. Porn World is about fantasies , but it is not real life.
– Say NO!
Monica therefore believes it is important that especially girls are tough and will say no when it’s something they do not want to do.
– No matter what the guy says , you should be steadfast and not do anything you do not want. If this is not what you feel comfortable with , then you should put your foot down and stop .
Unpleasant fo the Family
Some girls start with glamor photography and think it is the gateway to fame. It is not in any way.
– You should be very sure of you want to do this before you do it. You must accept that neighbors and friends wil say “oh my god what are you doing.” You will get comments from many sides and your family will find it uncomfortable – at least in the initial phase. My family still do not like it, but they accept it because it is my choice. But double standards are high in Norway. For many it is OK that other girls do this, just not their daughter. It is certainly not so cool for my family when I’m nude on front page, on the top shelf at the Newstand.

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Kisses Monica