Hard pegging videos made in Norway


The lack of BDSM, Femdom and  pegging videos made me decide to do somthing about it!! Right from the get go, I was set on making this as real as posible. No fake shit or “gayish” soft stuff.



This is the real deal , brutally big strapons and real hard whipping. OK I admit this is not for everyone but those who are in the game knows what I’m talking about. You can spot a fake bdsm or soft pegging a mile away! And for me it’s even more fun to stretch the limit and the buttholes.



 You know me by now, I like to shock and surprise!

People don’t talk much about it and the comments are always from the “don’t like anal stuff” people!But the trout is that so many have these fantasies about getting punished by a domina and even buttfucked as punishment! These videos have more views than all my regular videos, and I get lot’s of comments on them. But that is always on PM and away from the public eye!





Norwegian / Swedish porno!


Most Scandinavians know about the big dick Swede Samson. Also known as  Mr. biceps. Now you can view several newly produced videos og himand me on the members area!



The porn industry in Scandinavia is more or less dead, and we decided to do something about it! So we teamed up and started a cooperation which already have resulted in 5 hot scenes

You won’t find these any other places, so if you are a fan of Mr. biceps or big cocks and dirty MILFs you now have yet another reason to join my site!

A coupple of the videos we have made are of BDSM and hard anal character!




And we are soon to release a cuckold and a nylon fetish video!

Samson is a powerhouse and fully on par with the biggest international names in the industry, and his dick makes me smile every time we shot a video