Trip to Trondheim 2015 whit NRK


Then I had another trip to Trondheim on Club4, but this time I had NRK the Norwegian tv canel¨s Team with Thomas Seltzer in the front spearheaded around me the whole weekend.
they was recording a brand new program that start on NRK in November “Natta Norway”.
Thomas Seltzer himself was in Spain so he sent up two of their boys in their team. And I can say it straight out I will never be in any reality series, I thought I cot a litel crazy having a daemon which went around my legs 24/7 with a camera,


Enough about that, Nrk accompanied me during an entire working day, but it has to be said, that it is not quite as I work daily. This was completely unplanned.
We had photo shoot at tourist sites in Trondheim and we made a film on club4, here I had with me a girlfriend named Renate. Everything did Nrk filmed to there new television program.


They filmed me as well during morning routines, just like I have something special routines doing my morning hmmm no no, I’m the a person that don’t work good whit normal rutines


The photos and film that was made during this weekend you can all find on my side
NRK will show this program on Nrk1 Monday, November 16 at 22:30.


Her you a small sample piece at the pictures we took during this weekend.
Kisses Monica