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Then we have a new week and new updates for all members of my side.
You will now find two new image updates on

There will also be two new video updates during a day or two.
So far this week I’ve created a new femdom video to my members, it will be made two videos this week,

Here´s a couple of ex what you can see on the side so far this week.
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First page in Norwegian news VG

Yes after 20 years in the porn world and the only one that produces porn in Norway, I managed to get on the first page of Vg.

Vg is the biggest newspaper in Norway Jiiihhhaa
Friday, January 15 VG + came to do a interview of me for the online media,

But I must admit that it was fun that after 20 years in the porn industry they contacted me to write a little of my work.
I do not know if I think if they are a bit slow, most other  in the Norwegian media world have been in contact with me many times thru the years, Vg are the biggest and make contact after I have been 20 years in this world

Must admit that the only thing I was not happy with was the photographer who took the pictures, after this  I will only use my own photographer who knows me and taking photos I am always satisfied with.

But’s not bad to be on the first page of VG in 4 days.
It sold so well for Vg so today Monday they chose to change the heading so they could sell it again .. hahahah they know how to do so they can sell it and once more It also shows that sex sells.
If you have not read it go to VG and read it

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