Norway around Eidfjord 2016

Then it uploaded photos from my trip Norway Around to Eidfjord
Lots of lovely pictures of me naked on the Norwegian tourist sites.

In this series you will find many nice mountain pictures where I’m naked
I’m delicious and naked in Norwegian Nature by a very great Norwegian waterfall in Eidfjord.

This is just a sample of the piece if you want to see the entire series and all the movies from my Norway round trip they are on my site

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Kisses Monica


Norway Around 2016 Vøringsfossen

Pictures of my trip to Vøringsfossen is  up on the member page.
I was of course a little trip to Vøringsfossen when I drove around in Norway.
Finding time room without tourists was not the easiest to  do.
But I giv a fuck sometimes so if you look through the images you can see  tourists in the background.
you  only  get a few photos here the rest you can see if you log into the Member’s page on my site

Kisses Monica

BTS Norway Around 2016

Here you have some BTS Photos of My Norway Around 2016 trip.

The full pictures set are at my member’s page
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All content is dirty Norwegian porn  I has many movies with Norwegian speech , I am the only active porn producer in Norway so if you like dirty Norwegian Porn sign up on my site.
I also make video at the request of my members, if  you have a special wish you hunters want me to make a video or photo  set of it is just  to send me a mail  if you are a member.

Hope you all like the sample you now get from my Norway round trip in 2016, I travel to every summer in Norway so maybe next summer I coming to your home town

Kisses Monica

Round trip Norway Hardangervidda 2016

Then I started my annual Round Norway trip.
I have made video and pictures on famous tourist places.  I traveled in the nick of time as compared to tourists around in Norway.

Places I visited this time was Hardangervidda, Vøringsfossen, EidFjord, Kinsarvik  Also had a little trip around in Hallingdal as of  Fagernes, Flya, Jotunheimen.
Must say it was a great wonderful trip to take and I had  great fun Love making porn for all my members around in Norway.

In Kinsarvik where you have the 4 waterfalls I met a big fan Love to chat and meat up with my fans around Norway, he gave me some tips on how I could film wher it was no tourist.
Let’s hope he becomes a member on my site so he can seen what I made in his home city.
Here you have a small teasing from when I was on the Hardangervidda

Kisses Monica

Summer 2016

Then finally summer arrived and I have worked a bit in nature making photos and films for all my wonderful members of
There will also be some images and movies from my Norway Round trip, this year we went to Hardanger.
I have made video and captured images on famous tourist spots around the Hardanger.
Here you will get a small taste from some summer pictures I have taken.
The whole series is to see on my side

Kisses Monica