Round trip Norway Hardangervidda 2016

Then I started my annual Round Norway trip.
I have made video and pictures on famous tourist places.  I traveled in the nick of time as compared to tourists around in Norway.

Places I visited this time was Hardangervidda, Vøringsfossen, EidFjord, Kinsarvik  Also had a little trip around in Hallingdal as of  Fagernes, Flya, Jotunheimen.
Must say it was a great wonderful trip to take and I had  great fun Love making porn for all my members around in Norway.

In Kinsarvik where you have the 4 waterfalls I met a big fan Love to chat and meat up with my fans around Norway, he gave me some tips on how I could film wher it was no tourist.
Let’s hope he becomes a member on my site so he can seen what I made in his home city.
Here you have a small teasing from when I was on the Hardangervidda

Kisses Monica