A shot documentary about me.

I did have November film here for 2 days to recording a short documentary of me and my life with porn as a job,

I lost probably rather call this “home whit” or a very short documentary for two days is a little short time to reveal a whole documentary about me.
A car parked  outside my door on Tuesday and out comes a little sexy lady  in her  30´s by the name of Janne, the photographer Tobias and the assistant Tonje

Tonje  is the one I have had contact and meetings with before recording day, so Janne and Tobias I had never seen or talked to earlier.

Janne was like most people out there in Norway`s  small country, full of prejudices of how it was to work with porn and being a mother at the same time.

Janne was honesty and said it to me when we sitting down to talk about my life and work.

I can not write so much about what they have filmed or what we’ve talked about, you all must wait until it comes on TV 5 in January.
But I can say that Janne had a completely different idea when she traveled back to Oslo after 2 days with me and my familje.

Janne had changed her mind when we came to day number two, then tested her my porn boots if I can call it that.

She came with comments like “I had jurk of hell of a lot” to afford to buy myself a more expensive camera.

I even got to hang Janne up in my roof crane. Janne was the most nervous person I’ve ever hung up, but it went well and she survived.
They also had an interview with my daughter Connie and I really must say that I am the proudest mother’s,
for my doll had answers to every subject without any hesitation at all.

Novemberfilm and my little familje were like one big happy bunch, we made food together, and had lot fun .

The best thing about the whole experience was that I really managed to turn Janne around  about me and my job.

I can not go into details of what was shoot and what comes out on TV, you must all wait and see in January.


Here you have some pictures from the recording.