X-mas 2016


Time goes so fast and it’s less than a week to Christmas. Personally I feel that I do not manage to do everything I need to do. Christmas comes if you want to or not.

In this post I will come with a appeal to all of you who read this. We all know that Christmas is a family affair where we all have many fine days with their near and dear ones but, personally, I think Christmas is primarily for kids they are those that are central to rejoice,  gifts and goblins.

Christmas really have  a completely different background but, it’s not many in the world today who have the faith anymore. Most of the older generation has some faith. For many, Christmas season went from faith to tradition many years ago, and we all have different traditions when it comes to Christmas.

My call to you all who have children around you during Christmas and New year is “hold you alcohol intake at a low level.” It is not always good for the little ones to see mom, dad, aunts, uncles and grandparents in such conditions (you know what I mean) and it does not give kids a healthy role models ahead in life.

For all of you who feel you lonely during Christmas season, my site monicamilf.com is always open to anyone who wants a little comfort in  my movies.  I will also be live for member on the first Christmas day (25th).

It was a little more seriously pass from me but felt I had to send out this appeal to you all.

With this post so I wish everyone out there a Merry x-mas


/ Monica