Happy New Year 2017

Then we  come to January 2017.Well Wish You All A Happy New Year.

It’s a little scary how fast the fly and the ears go. Must say 20 17 started very well with a camshow title for best show in December where I won 2000kr.

Furthermore, the trip went on and launched a whole new TV series for November film and their new woman based series Insider Five, where I and my family are in the first episode that went on TV Five on Thursday, January 19th. On January 19th we were then inverted on launch fert at Moon Fish with November film. for me to go on something like this is a bit out of my comfort zone but we’re all going outside it if you can experience new things here in the world. Walking without his comfort zone makes you a strong person.

For those who have not seen the program, it is possible to see it on my member pages as a member.

Janne from novemberfil had been nice and rented an apartment for my family and me from Thursday to Friday. So Friday Janne troops up with his TV team in this apartment for playing in yet another new TV idea. She wants to make a new pilot with my family and me. I do not want to go into detail about what this pilot is doing when everything is in the start-up phase and this game is also being sold to the TV channels. So when everything is ready and it is sold, I will come back to you with more info on this.

So, so far, January has been an exciting and fun month with lots of new things.

I send a big thank you to November, Janne and Tonje, for they would bet on my family and me and listen to our story of our life as a family and a very special job in the porn world. Jane and Tonje are two lovely girls both have a huge personality, there are two girls i have been very happy with.

Due to Novemberfilm’s insight about us in Insider five, of course all media channels have gotten to the dance, so Dagbladet and Nettavisen / page 3 wrote a big deal about this. As long as a newspaper writes the more so in all, it was written about me and my family in Dagbladet Nettavisen, BT (Danish newspaper) Expressen (Swedish newspaper) Romerike magazine and Glåmdalen. It’s a little humorous to see how different they put up their cases. Dagbladet angled that I was Fembarn’s mother and had porn studio in the house, and by herself all feminists went crazy in commenting the fields of where are the child welfare, excuse me yes i have porno work but you think i put the kids on a chair and let them look at me while I work. Now, all my five children are growing and during their childhood, I had my own premises for my job, so my children were never exposed to my job in any way. Even though I have a special job that is erotic, I do not want to say that I am an irresponsible mother without thinking about what is good for my children or not.

I will shortly post a more profound post on this ability because I think there is a section out there that needs some facts about this ability.