Sexhibition 2017

Then the year’s sexhibition has once again been held. May say thanks to Nils Ally who does it every year and gave me a nice place at the fair this year.

The mess lasted for 3 days this year and should I be honest it was just fine with days.

This year I had many articles with the logo Monicamilf on, these are articles you can still buy via my shop, I had t-shirts, a copy of my pussy and anal in pocket form, lots of new pictures and records, 2018 calendar and all my DVDs.

Cecilie gave me lots of good advertising from the late and he also managed this year to trick me up and give me that hell I hate talking to, think this is something I have to start training for next year’s fair, hahaha.

I also managed to give a challenge to the audience, the first one to call us to say a month of membership on my side, who took that challenge was when Cecilie’s brother Rino, Rino came to my day after also asked me, “If I take in the other puppy, what do I get?” He must have been hooked on pain hahahah “I gave him an extra MND with membership.

Summarizing the show, I’m in need of this year’s fair, to be very happy not to freak me near the Hågen and his whip.

There will be both pictures and video from the show on the members page after host.