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I found a cabin I use …

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Oiljob and Latex!

A painfully good oil orgasm. With the balls all tighed up, I always get my goal and love to missbehave.. totally shameless

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Just cum 4 me!

Just cum for me so I can get the warm juicy sperm. Slaves should be used to strange stuff like hanging upside down while I use some electro power on them.

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Dirty days update

Dirty Housepainting …

To pant the house is so boring, good I got a visit from a stiff cock so I got freshen up a little bit, Join and see all videos

Dirty days update

Dirty sunbathing in m .

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Dirty days update

Dirty Latex Day …

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And these bullies may be able to rule this country one day! Help

AUF  proposes a ban on “violent and cross-border” porn! Furthermore, they also want branding for “ethical porn” and age limit for porn watching.

Age limit I fully agree with, but on further consideration, I definitely believe that there is actually age limit for such things! It and actually implementing an age barrier that will work is virtually impossible in today’s technological community. These days are hot and hot spots on social media for hours every day! And if you’re not a totally downset policy, you’ll understand that 25% of today’s porn watching is taking place on these social media. Snapchat is filled with porn pictures and video clips and users only have “nickname” and vary in age from 13 to 85 years! Facebook is Norway’s largest escort service. I get daily 30-50 private messages with various bright suggestions for services. 10-15 messages are bullies that send me links or porn cuts tottalt unsolicited.

All the tube sides, as most people do not have any idea of ​​how big they are in actual traffic on the internet, are completely unscrupulous. They only run with advertising revenue and were smart enough to understand that most people will see porn! This is a billion empire driven by Finns bakers. And if Bob Kåre’s first meeting with porn is 2 Transer from Transilvania does not matter only they get the advertisement served! So good luck with grabbing this piece, which I actually want them to be solved! But when the “superpower” is to ban “violent and cross-border porn” it’s totally dark!

They must clearly have missed the gray lights, and the revolution for stuerin housewife porn that came with 50 shades of gray! A whole world got up the eyes of something called BDSM and both the sale of links, whips and various other bdsm products shot in the weather! Interest for a bit rough and more cross-border porn has always been bigger!

Porn is an illusion and visual imagination, and prohibits these policies. The spirits propose is to say that hot and spotlight can not distinguish between imagination and reality! But then they have a bigger problem!

Gaming! The gaming industry is even bigger than a porn industry, and 80% are out of violence, shooting, bombs, etc. And here’s the age limit control flown out of the window long ago.

Branding for “ethical porn”! First and foremost, what is ethical porn? Is there working porn where the plumber kills a housewife on the washing machine he is going to fix?

Are these downroll politicians the spirits to decide what is ethical porn?

No, unfortunately, The only porn industry left in Norway is me, and I say free choice on top shelf. And end with yes please, both!

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I’m a horny bitch!

Raw femdom with electro power, pegging and strapping. Watch me get an orgasm in my latex outfit while my slave have to lick his own sperm

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The Judas Cradle!

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