Fanfuck or casting couch is for real fans who want to try out. The focus is not on a chance to fuck me, but for porn lovers to be a part of making a real porn video. And yeah, everyone that is a true fan can be a part of this, there is no rules on how you look or any minimum dick size! It's real everyday people staring in an easy porn production. The only rule I have is: Never mind what everyone else thinks, or it's not for you!
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Casting Couch

Want to become a pornstar?
Casting Couch is my Fanfuck for members that want to try out for real. Here we make real amateur videos where members get to be pornstar for a day! I am a firm beliver that porn is for everyone and can be made by anyone. No need to look like a poster boy or poster girl. I don't care if you thin or fat, if your dick is small or if you're hung like a horse. Keep it real and make porn with the actuall people that enjoy's the porn I make!

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Monica's Casting Couch FAQ

Q- Do I need to be a member?
Q- Is there any payment?
Q- Do you help with travel arrangements or costs?
Q- Will I have to sign a model release?
Q- Do I need ID?
Q-What is the minimum age?
Q- Can I hide my face or go in disguise?
Q-Can I apply without sending pictures?
Q- Can I change my mind after the shoot?
Q- Do I need a condom?
Q- When is next casting couch / FanFuck?